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Magic Magnolia

Low Allergy Gardens

Pollen can trigger allergies especially hay fever in many people. For these people, spring can be a nightmare as everything bursts into bloom. Some of the worst offending plants for those with allergies may bloom unnoticed. Grasses (including some lawn grasses) and many trees (especially deciduous trees and conifers) have insignificant flowers that produce copious […]

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a traditional gardening method used to reduce pest and disease problems without using pesticides. It also allows successive crops to benefit from the crops grown before. The basic premise is that each vegie carries its own baggage in the form of pests and diseases. They also use different amounts of nutrients to […]


A gardening friend once told me that her plants had been moved so many times they shuddered when they saw her with the spade in her hand. If you are planning to move a plant, winter is the best time of the year to do it because growth has slowed or become dormant, and conditions […]